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With the thousand smiles, she gives to me...

Fly on my little wing.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Grand Rapids Triathlon

Obviously I'm several months behind on my blog write ups. Oh well. I raced the Grand Rapids Triathlon for the second year. It was the USAT long course Nationals. The race was June 7th and I think I'd only been riding outside for about a month. There may have still been ice floating on the big water. Anyway I didn't come in with a lot of base training. Once again I was racing with my buddy Dave Smith. The best part about this race is that I have friends that live a mile from the start line. So I could sleep in, use a real toilet and ride my bike to the start.

The weather was cool and perfect and the race was unremarkable. Here's the data for you. 16th Overall in 4:20:12. Swam 32:16, biked 2:18 (AP 231, NP 235) and ran a 1:26. Dave and I ran the last few miles together. It was a nice start to the season.

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