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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Charlevoix Triathlon Etc.

Tri To Finish is a relatively new race company in Michigan. I participated in two of their events in previous years and was very impressed with how they ran the show. It just so happened that the Charlevoix Triathlon was on a Sunday and I had nothing going on. So participating would be a great tune up before my season finale in Boyne City and Mt. Tremblant.

This event was pretty small, given that three companies each put on a triathlon on the same day all within 50 miles of each other. (Shakes Head is disappointment) The weather was in the low 60s and cloudy. Lake Charlevoix had some decent chop as well. I felt okay in the water, had one other competitor to draft off and exited the water slower than expected given my effort. After that it was onto the bike, where I planned to put some time in. Thank goodness I didn't make any wrong turns, like I did at the Mark Mellon Tri earlier this summer. I finished the bike ride feeling pretty fresh and simply wanted to run hard, splitting a 36:32.

What I find interesting is how this time comes in for my various lifetime PRs all set this summer. Compare below.

Open Half Marathon: 1:17:50 (5:57 pace)
70.3 Half Marathon 1:19:53 (6:06 pace)
Open 10K Road: 35:40 (5:45 pace)
Olympic Tri 10K 36:32 (5:54 pace)
Track 5K 17:07 (5:31 pace)

Regardless of the specific course/weather/fitness for the particular races I find it interesting how little my pace seems to vary. Also consider that I really didn't even run faster in college when I was solely run training. What I think this really means is that I need to do some more speed work/shorter distance races. Maybe it is something I will work on this fall or early next spring. There's always something to work at...

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