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With the thousand smiles, she gives to me...

Fly on my little wing.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

88 degrees in March

I'll skip mentioning how cold and how snowy this winter has been. I tried to get out and skate ski a decent amount and finally feel like I'm mildly proficient at it. In general workout time has been lacking, somewhat due to motivation but mostly having a shift in priorities. Since purchasing a house I've experienced how the "to do" list never gets any shorter. On the flip side I've been educated in wood stove and chimney installation, tile, trim and painting as well as plumbing and electric work. Luckily I was able to escape all of that for a brief training vacation in Arizona.

My friend Russ Brandt invited me down to Phoenix to get beat up by "old guys" for a week. Trading 5 degrees, clouds and snow for 80s and sunshine? As my sister said, "Does a one legged duck swim in a circle?" We went up to Tucson for a three day CTS training camp, which was first class. They even cooked healthy food for us! My mother would be proud of the quantity of veggies I ate.

Nap time at the cookie shop.
The highlight of the camp was climbing Mt. Lemmon, which is something like a 24 mile climb totaling 5600' of climbing; a mostly steady 4-6% grade. The top was above 8000' of elevation, which put me right back living in Steamboat. Russ and I put in a solid effort. We ended up around 300th place for the Strava segment so we're both kinda a big deal. Luckily they sold cookies at the top.

Seven Falls

The other workout highlight was a long trail run: Bear Canyon/Seven Falls. The trail was a bit treacherous in places, namely because I'm not used to dodging jagged rocks along the edge of cactus filled cliffs. Everyone enjoyed the spectacular views as well as a refreshing dip in the falls. Plus it was worth the priceless looks other hikers gave us when we gracefully pranced by down the rocky trail, pastey* white thighs glowing under shortest shorts they've ever seen on a man.

*Note: I chose the unconventional spelling of 'pastey,' referring to pale white, vampire like skin. To me 'pasty' is a delicious meat pie from the UP.
Beat up by old guys

Beat up by old guys. Again.

"Old Guys" include Dan Cadriel; the really tan, fast 50 year old dude with the abs. He's big into the selfie thing so I played along for all his pictures. Russ is the other pale guy. He's also fast but apparently the ab filter for iPhone wasn't working for him.

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