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With the thousand smiles, she gives to me...

Fly on my little wing.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bike Course Pictures and Video

Yesterday I rode the HWY 270 up to Hawi and back. This section has the most elevation change and is also where the crosswinds tend to be the strongest. It was a balmy 82 degrees and windy, but not gale force. It was almost pleasant. I took my GoPro to try and give everyone an idea of what the infamous descent from Hawi is like. It's not the most interesting of videos, but you may find some interest. Or at least have a 12 minute video for some intervals on the trainer. Link below or here.

Youtube Link

On the drive back I got a few pictures of the  ugly/beautiful lavascape on the side of the Queen K.

The expectation that Hawaii is green, lush and tropical is so different from the landscape on this part of the island. The drive along the Queen K is highlighted by three or four shades of lava rock interspersed with brown grasses. (A'a is the Hawaiian word for sharp lava rock) . It seems very otherworldly to me. Then again we don't have too many igneous rock formations in Michigan.

I also got a short swim in. Here is a picture with Mom near the pier.

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