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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Airplanes and Rental Cars

Besides all the hard work, qualifying, etc, there's the logistics the traveling to physically get to Kona that are a challenge. I think most will agree that airline travel is always an enjoyable experience! So here's list of amusing challenges/occurrences/observations between leaving Petoskey and falling asleep at the condo in Hawaii.

1) Trying to pack. Extra whatever for any possible situation (tires, tubes, chains, clothes, B-Nuts etc.)

2) Being paranoid that TSA will not like those extra things I packed.

3) It was 30 degrees warmer in Detroit than Petoskey. I was sweating in my winter hat.

4) Sister #1 (Reeb-Nut) takes unflattering pictures while I was sleeping on her floor.

5) I realize that while I packed all those extra "things" I didn't bring extra contacts. Which are important to, you know, see.

6) Flight #1 DTW-PHX 3.5 hrs. A man just behind me started snoring before leaving the gate. Pretty much didn't stop until we landed. Combined feelings of irritation and being impressed.

7) Sister #2 (Weasel) takes another unflattering picture of me sleeping in airport.

8) Flight to Kona is delayed because of maintenance. (I think airplanes are on time less often than I am).

9) It is easier to heard a troop of monkeys through an elementary school full of children, than to load people on an airplane. Second in difficulty only to Politicians agreeing on a budget.

10) It is not "illegal" to put your luggage in the first class overhead bin, if there is no room in your regular seat overhead bin. Weasel asked first. Many laughed with her. 

11) Flight #2 PHX-KOA 6hrs. A couple just in front of us has a baby. This baby likes to cry and doesn't breastfeed. Thus it continues to cry. Amen for headphones.

11) Computer check ins for rental cars are not faster than waiting in line for a real person. However mini vans are super fly.

12) We made it! Priority #1 make sure my bike is in one piece. Priority #2 Food!!

13) We found $8 for 64oz orange juice at the grocery store. Passed on that, but spent some time deciphering the billions of coffee options.

14) 6:00 Hawaii time is really midnight in Michigan. And my bed time was two hours ago.

15) My bike is in one piece. Amen.

"In one piece."

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