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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bayshore Half Marathon

I may have started a tradition after running the Detroit Half dressed as a pirate (pictures here). My mom, sister and I all signed up for the Bayshore Half Marathon in Traverse City. Well race day was approaching and I just wasn't feeling the "race" part of racing. So again I decided to add a little fun to the event. First I decided to don my Iceman Volleyball shirt as well as my aviators. My friend Mike gave me some purple compression calf sleeves as a joke so I also had to appease him and wear them for a race.

Now anyone who's ran in college is familiar with an event called the Beer Mile. Since my first Marathon was Bayshore back in 2009 I had observed some spectators enjoying the race by partying early and offering beers to runners. In addition I knew some college friends that were specifically going to be doing that. Thus I decided to attempt somewhat of a modified Beer Half Marathon. There were no real rules, only that I would stop and drink any beers that were being offered, not knowing what kind of quantity that would entail.

Race day dawned about 40 degrees, sunny and calm; basically perfect running weather. The race started and I began my adventure. My buddies house was at the one mile mark. I arrived to great fanfare from the three guys and was handed a can of Budweiser. It was quickly consumed and I was off, actually feeling pretty good.

Some miles later, maybe around mile 6 there was a guy hanging out in his drive with a sign that said "Before, During and After Party." He had four small cups on a table next to a half keg. I stopped and had one, two, three, then heard "I think you're only suppose to have one..." four. I mean there was no sign saying there was a limit. Off I went.

I knew there was a quality group of partiers around mile 10. Actually it was closer to mile 11 and I think I was their first taker for the day. Five small cups of beer with fantastic crowd support I was on my way again. Another runner, having observed this gave me a, "You're crazy!"

So I finished up the race pleased with my performance and found they were giving out free chocolate milk. Bonus! Then I met by my friends Rob and Dani, who had brought me a cinnamon roll and bacon. Then I thought was this might be the best race ever! Now obviously this was a for fun, lighten the spirits kind of race. But I also worked on my Iron Stomach Training as well as some initial data gathering for fueling with beer. I really think this is an area with untapped potential.


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