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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Songs to Run Too

This is a post you won't want to miss. You'll probably scour it multiple times looking for secret clues to improve your musical taste and get the edge on the competition. In no particular order her's a list of songs to add to your Run/Bike playlist. For your viewing pleasure I've included links to the videos. I highly suggest watching them all.

1) Don't Tell Me You Love Me-Night Ranger. What an amazing guitar solo. See also: Sister Christian

2) No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn-The Beastie Boys. A fantastic song off the album with the greatest collection of "favorite  songs." Ever. (Licensed to Ill) See Also: Brass Monkey, Paul Revere, Fight For Your Right, The New Style, Rhymin' and Stealin'....

3) Night Train-Guns N' Roses. We never learn do we.

4) Mama Said Knock You Out-LL Cool J. Don't call it a comeback. LL doesn't lie. See movie: Deep Blue Sea

5) Rosa Parks- Outkast. Mr. Andre and Big Boi bring ya back to 1998.

6) Rock You Like a Hurricane- Scorpions. Possibly the best thing to ever come out of Germany. Humanly impossible to listen to without breaking into air guitar.

7) Panama- Van Halen. As a bonus it now reminds me of Superbad.

8) Kickstart My Heart- Motley Crue. Good thing you can't get a speeding ticket while running.

9) Take it on the Run- REO Speedwagon. Again, try not to air guitar during the solo.

10) Take Me Home Tonight- Eddie Money. If you only watch one video please watch this one. If you don't want to watch it please read my play by play below.

Intro guitar. Panning shots of empty arena seats. All in grayscale. Brief glimpse of sunglass wearing mulleted man in an indetermnable patterned jacket leaning on an aluminum ladder.

Luscious hair swinging as he begins crooning. Brief shot of 80s babe sitting at the makeup counter. "sexy" cigarette shot. Eddie starts singing the first verse for the empty stadium. Swings hips in manner that would even turn guys on, if there were any in the audience.

Sexy babe stomps out cigarette on floor and saunters off into a glowing doorway. As the crescendo builds toward the chorus Eddie throws his Ray Bans off. and pumps on chest as with hand as he can "feel your heart beat faster..." Shadowy woman approaches... Pans back to Eddie doing his best Roger Daltrey impression with the microphone and thrusts his pelvis around the stage as the chorus erupts. You can almost feel the invisible crowd reaching for his sexy body all the while singing along to the bombastic chorus. Brief glimpses of the shadowy lady dancing  in the hall, ever getting closer to the stage.

Second verse shots are mainly focused on his beautiful hair. Sexy lady shows her sexy walk past the silhouette of the janitor sweeping the floor. As the verse builds back up the chorus, a large "garage" type door slowly lifts to reveal sexy legs emerging from a fog.

During the chorus the camera zooms in on some sexy swinging hips in the fog, which are accompanied by a silhouette of very big hair. We can feel the tension growing in Eddie (especially his tight pants). The silhouette gets closer as Eddie grabs his saxophone for the solo. Panning shots of the empty arena with spot lights on the stage.

Eddie uses his saxophone for brief "guitar" motion. Patterned shirt is torn off  to reveal black wife beater as guitar power chords are played. We finally see sexy woman's face. Sexy woman keeps her distance and continues to dance in the isle. Eddie croons on stage with his mullet and saxophone. Sexy woman walks off into the fog as music fades. It is implied that everyone involved is exhausted.

I know that had absolutely nothing to do with running, cycling, triathlons etc. But sometimes we need a break from those things to humor ourselves. I hope you've been humored. 

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