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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to Running: Paul Revere 10 Mile

Harbor Springs has the Paul Revere 3 & 10 Mile run on the Fourth of July. My sister and mother were going to run the 10 mile. I wanted to do a race, simply for a hard training effort and, again, to see where my fitness was. Originally I was going to do the three mile. Two weeks out I decided I could manage the 10 mile just fine, as long as I went in with the mentality of "not racing" just running decently hard.

My previous history with this race was from 2009. In which at the time was one of the harder running efforts I had ever put out. For our college LPPM runs (google LPPM and PAAVO if you really care), my goal was to run under 6:00 miles for the 6 and 8 mile ones, which were always were the giant thorn in my side for my last two years at Alma. So to do a ten mile under 60, was super challenging for me, amplified from the mental block of it. So in 2009 I did the race and ran 59:48. I still have my splits in my log book.

So this year the race shaped up a little sunny and warm, but I put in a steady hard effort, not racing anyone. I really started to feel my lack of base around mile 7, but came in with a completely satisfying 63:20. Another confidence booster for me on my return to triathlons, the ultimate goal.

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