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Monday, June 27, 2011

Everyone should go to a Monster Truck Jam

FYI: The following post has little to do with triathlon or athletics in general.

So last summer the Emmet County Fair announced there would be a Monster Truck Jam. Having never been to such an event I had to attend. Long story short it was an incredible experience and we had a blast. The finale performed by Predator was spectacular.Video on left. Reptoid on Right.

Thus when I was driving to the Farmer's Market to sell by B-Nuts Trail Mix and heard an advertisement on the radio for Monster Trucks at the North West Michigan Fairgrounds I decided I had to go. So we got a car full and drove down to TC for the show. Now this show was paced a little slower but had superb people watching. To blend in we dressed the part (pictures below).
Walker the Welder and myself. Trucks in background. 

Nigh Stalker crushes a helpless station wagon

The following is a short bit of prose I was compelled to write following the show.

A dusty haze settled over a technicolor sunset as the scent of high octane racing fuel entered the nostrils and implanted itself within, touching the deepest elements of the human soul. The raging behemoths sat silent, having already unleashed their rage and destruction on the derelict station wagons. Leaving with ringing eardrums and muted grins, we absconded into the night. 


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