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Sunday, May 15, 2011

B-Nuts Trail Mix!

The inspiration for B-Nuts came to me when I was preparing for my first Ironman Triathlon in 2009. Since there was never any snack food in the house (or if there was it didn’t last long), I needed something that was relatively healthy, filling and of course delicious. Store bought trail mix was lacking in the latter and thus I sought to make a trail mix to be craved.Thus I began mixing up batches of trail mix, which became larger and more complex. Soon the nickname given to me by my sisters became the name of the mix-B-Nuts. Last fall I started selling some to a few family friends. 

Last winter I was contemplating about expanding B-Nuts into a larger business and this spring I started an official business under the name Road Weasel Enterprises. It was named after my little sister and her infamous nickname-Road Weasel (story another time). I'd like to give a short rundown of the ideas behind my business and the improvements I've made this spring. 

          In an effort to expand my business am now able to purchase ingredients at wholesale, which increases product consistency and of most benefit decreases cost. I've also improved the packaging to offer heat sealed, tamper evident bags, which also have a zip lock type closure so you can nibble and re-seal the bag. I've sourced all the ingredients and materials from Michigan based companies and distributes to keep the money in our state. In addition I now have two different mixes, each available in 24oz and 6oz sizes. B-Nuts "Original" and "B-Nuts "Premier". Both mixes differ from traditional trail mix in the fact they have a higher percentage of nuts other than peanuts, delicious milk and dark chocolate covered nuts and fruit, tons of dried fruit including cherries, cranberries and blueberries and a generous helping of maple roasted nuts.

B-Nuts Original in 24oz and 6oz

With the passing of the Michigan Cottage Food Law I am able to make B-Nuts in my home kitchen. Click Here for more information, but basically it means I don't have "official" state licenses nor a Department of Agriculture inspected kitchen. However I still follow strict standards for cleanliness and preparation.
     More details to come and if you have any ideas for marketing, new products or feedback please let me know. I'm working on a granola recipe.

Don't forget to "Like" B-Nuts Trail Mix on Facebook! There's a ton more information on the Facebook page, including pricing and ordering information. Hopefully I can make a go of this.

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