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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Other 2010 Races

So I did two more local races before it came time for Hawaii. I did the Petoskey Triathlon and got 2nd and also did the Bower's Harbor Triathlon. I'll include more details as this is one of my favorite events and I highly recommend it. Joel and Jeff do a great job putting it on (Race Details Here), the course is superb and the "stuff" you get is much better than that other company that puts on a lot of MI triathlons. For a quick race recap, I had an okay swim in 23:37 and got on the bike ready to rock. This was the course I christened my Specialized Transition on last year.

I had a great bike and passed two guys early on, but couldn't get the first place guy in my sights. The bike course has two or three decent hills in it and the rest is fairly flat. I hit T2 with a bike time of 1:04, which was very solid for me, and I still didn't know how far to the first place guy. The run course has two out and back sections and I saw my competition just before the first turn around. I don't remember exactly but he was somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-3 min ahead; some kid with a MSU tri club suit on http://msutriathlon.com/. With my running background I was clipping off the miles, continuing to do math on how far down I was and how fast I was gaining. It's always fun being the hunter and knowing you're in your environment. I passed the kid with about a mile to go and came home with the W, in a 2:06. That wasn't the first MSU kid I've ran down. This is a general statement but in my experience none of them seem to have a solid run game. Crush the swim, crush the bike for sure, but guys you need to step up that run. If you read this I'm expecting it next year.

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