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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Before Race

So this didn't actually happen on Thursday but I have to include it somewhere. We had a great view from our condo. On more than one occasion this European (i assume) enjoyed sunbathing on the grass in front of our place. I understand this is normal attire in Europe and the speedo get's a bad rap here. But it still makes me laugh. 

Thursday night was the athlete banquet and meeting which we all went to. The food was marginal, followed by some Hawaiian entertainment, which I guess I don’t fully appreciate. Maybe because it was just Hawaiian dancers and singing/chanting in Hawaiian and I don’t understand. I don’t really have a liking of “musicals” anyway (dancing and singing-the two elements of a musical in my book). At the end there were some guys dancing with fire, which we can all admit makes pretty much  anything cool and entertaining. After that Mike Riley (‘voice of Ironman’ guy) got up and started the actual Ironman presentation, which presented a few interesting people, oldest competitors, youngest competitors, etc. They also showed several movies/clips about the race and some history. They had loud intense music and lots of good footage and I was getting a little excited and “goosebumpy” feelings watching them. After Mike was done they went through our athlete meeting about the course and rules and things everyone should have known already.
Friday came and I just tried to hang out with my legs up, stay hydrated and my stomach full. I had to wait to drop of my bike in transition at 2:30, so I was in our condo being slightly paranoid and triple checking things and really just wanted my bike to be out of my hands. I got it done, hung out some more and drove the bike course one more time to get it in my mind one more time what to expect. Mom made chicken pesto pasta for dinner and I was in bed around 7. Of course I couldn’t fall asleep very easily in part to the people making noise in the parking lot (doesn’t everyone go to bed early before and Ironman?), my slight anxiety and the fact I’d been sleeping 10hrs (plus naps) for most of the week, with minimal physical exertion. Anyway I probably fell asleep around 8.

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