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With the thousand smiles, she gives to me...

Fly on my little wing.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chillin' on Kauai

 So post race I went to Kauai to recover and hang out. I mean if you're in Hawaii why not extend your stay a bit. For about three days post race I just slept in and hung out, but I'm not really a lay on the beach/by the pool kinda vacation guy. I'm more of the, "let's go on some adventure" kinda vacation guy (as you'll see later). I could detail lots more of the sights, but I'll just include some captions. Comment with any questions.

Ke'e beach at the trailhead to the Kalalau trail
Hanakapi'ai Beach

Swimming in Hanakapi'ai Falls off the Kalalau Trail-totally worth the hike.

Mom and Pop on a hike near Kapa'a

Pu'u Kila Lookout in Kokee State Park
Waimea Canyon

The Famous Red Dirt of Kauai

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